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Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring Injuries: Hamstring injuries can occur to either of the three muscles in the back of the leg. These muscles bend the knee and extend the hip so they are called a two joint muscle. They [...]

Knee pain.

One of the most common over-use injuries to the knee is patellofemoral pain. It can also be aggravated by walking, stair climbing or even just in sitting for a long time. Typically patients [...]

Running Injuries

So for all the runners out there, I thought I would summarize what I have learned from treating people with running injuries, and using the latest research. When most people have a running injury [...]

The Core Neck

The Core Neck: Did you know that you have core muscles in your neck and upper back? All of the joints in our body have core stabilizing muscles. The research shows us that muscles around our [...]