The Fusion of Pilates with the Science of Physiotherapy


fter working in Toronto physiotherapy clinics for a number of years we have seen many clients whisked through treatment like a production-line. Many clients were just sent home with standard exercises and not really getting better. Bringing our UK and Canadian training in physiotherapy and Pilates, we combine advanced manual therapy skills with the classic Pilates equipment. We bring a unique approach supported by the latest research.

Woman with exercise ball - Physiotherapy & Pilates in Downtown Toronto

Pilates-based rehabilitation is ideal for the underlying causes of many injuries and postural conditions.

Many patients are amazed to realize that their condition is postural based and can be corrected with time and judicious exercise.

We treat pain using manual therapy and massage until the patient is able to start exercise. The Pilates equipment allows the body to move even during the most acute stage of an injury. Most of the research shows early mobility to be key in achieving the best outcomes. In the initial stage of an injury we use pain management techniques. Massage and gentle mobilizations help to reduce the pain and start the process of normal joint motion. As pain subsides, we use the Pilates equipment to restore movement and strength.

Fees and Insurance

  • Assessment 1 hour  $120
  • 1 Hour treatment  $120
  • 45 minute treatment $90
  • 30 minute treatment  $70
Patients are provided with an invoice to submit to their insurance.
Most patients benefit from 1 hour rehabilitation sessions using the classic Pilates equipment. Most sessions include manual therapy and massage.
More acute, painful conditions are seen for 30 minutes. All assessments are 1 hour.

Insurance: Am I Covered?

Yes, if you have private insurance for physiotherapy you are covered for all services provided.

You can also claim Pilates based physiotherapy for general exercise programs where there are specific goals, such as injury prevention.

How Effective is Pilates 4 Physio?

Pilates based Rehabilitation is one of the most cutting edge exercise techniques used in the treatment of injures and musculoskeletal conditions. Manual therapy is well supported in the literature for being effective in the management of joint pain and restoring mobility.

Exercise treatment for the lower back and neck is one of the most supported modalities in physiotherapy research today. Pilates is unique because of the emphasis on the stabilizing muscles in most joints of the body.

Is Pilates 4 men too?

Yes! Pilates was devised by Joe Pilates as both an exercise method and for the rehabilitation of injured soldiers. He was ahead of his time for what the research on has shown us about core muscles. Men tend to be less flexible and mobile and can benefit from the combination of mobility and strength.

Performing heavy weight lifting requires strong stabilizers, but they have to be trained differently than the big power muscles. Pilates provides this essential foundation.